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Reorder collection items in a Collection template


How to reorder list of books in a collection template?
The book can be in multiple collections e.g (collection of tech books, a collection of business books).

E.g (Zero to one book) rank 3rd in tech book and 5th in business books

Can it be done manually?

you may need to make a new number field in the collection and set your manual ordering with that

If I put a rank in one book it is fixed for collection pages, can not be changed on another page. how to do it manual ordering?

Guys, I need your help how to reorder cms collection items manually

Hi @Zozo

Try using the number field as @PixelGeek suggests, but also add a second number field:

So for each product you have an option to give it either:
‘Tech book order’
‘Business book order’

Or give it an order for both

Then when you pull the dynamic info into a page, go to settings and ‘Sort by’ either the Tech or the Business order field. Does that achieve what you are looking for?



It does but If I change the rank for 1 , it changes for all other template pages!
How to do so with collection template/pages? without affecting other pages.

Hi @Zozo

I see what you mean, can you share the designer/preview link so I could take a closer look?

If not, how many different types of book would you have?

One possibility is to create new collections if it’s only a few, so for example recently I created:

Gift Vouchers

This meant I could potentially style/order each template page.

Or you could just create new pages and add a dynamic list to them, i’ve done that with a ‘View all’ page and a ‘Sale’ page, with the filter/visibility/sort by customised for each page. If you have those multiple order number fields, you can then select which one.

Have a search around the forums for how people have used categories, sub categories, reference and multi-reference fields too which might help. Or if you can share your link we could take a closer more specific look at your project.


Hi @StuM

I’ve three CMS collections
Books (books might have multiple ranks according to the collection), Category(Book’s category, a book could have two categories) and Collection (collection of books, multiple collections might have the same book but with different ranking) the last is tricky and I’m looking for manual reorder or another way

Hi @Zozo

I’ll need to take a look later on today, but in the meantime @sabanna might be able to offer some thoughts - she helped me with some CMS queries, like using tags and subcategories, and also she made a bookshelf style website too (check profile).

What is the aim of your site, to become a store, or a reference for a collection of books, something else?


It is a Book listing site