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Removing Interactions

Hi all, I’m busy creating a website and started with the animations a few weeks ago. I’ve tried to pick up where I’ve left off and I want to change an animation on the first heading after the landing screen but I’m finding it extremely difficult to locate the current interaction on the div itself to try and remove it and start over.
I’ve read through other forums with the same issue but the solutions never seemed to help me.
Can someone please help me navigate to the animation/interaction already set on the div?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Mikayla_Fallick,

Did you get the animation fixed? If not, I have a little time to help if it’s needed.

Hi @garymichael1313
I have not yet, worked on other tasks.

Okay, which page - and - which section is the issue on. I didn’t quite find what you were saying earlier.

So the heading I am trying to remove an interaction from is on the landing page (home page), labelled “Welcome to your new home.” You’ll see it already has an interaction attached to it that makes it fade in from the right and do a slight slide to the centre of the screen. Basically, all I want to do is remove that interaction and add a new one that does the same thing but only when you scroll over that area, not when the page loads.

Okay, you want it to slide down when that section is “into view”? Not on page load… right?
That’s pretty simple… I’ll do a quick video to follow the steps… give me a sec…

Cool thank you. But overall, my general question is how to remove a interaction in general?

If your animation is not being used (meaning it’s not tied to any elements or classes), you can go to the Interactions panel and click the “Clean Up” button to remove it. Keep in mind this will apply to all interactions not applied to an element or class, so make sure anything you want to keep is being used by something.

If you’d like to go the more manual route, you can click on any element or class currently using an interaction (these are shown in the Navigator with a small lightning icon) or navigate to the page that one was applied, click into the area where your timed animations are shown, then the three dots, and then delete:


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I ended up watching a couple of videos and doing the manual way. thanks (:

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Glad you got it working :webflow_heart: