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Deactivate Animation

Hello Gang,
I can’t seem to figure out how to deactivate the animation I had created to “load on scroll” for each row on this artist portfolio site. I’m not sure how I did it, but I don’t like it… unless it somehow significantly speeds up page load time?

Here is my public share link:

Where exactly is the animation; which section?

in the “cards” of my CMS collection Artworks and in the media categories. See site as it appears here:

Great, so you want to remove the “fade in, Move up” for these grids? On the homepage and the Artworks for all the media grids?

Yes @garymichael1313

Gotcha… okay… but man I actually like them :slight_smile: I thought there was nothing wrong with it. They look really good. But I understand.

It’s in the IX1 Legacy Interactions:

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Thanks @garymichael1313 I greatly appreciate it!

Yeah, I figure I can add them for clients if they want it, but i found em a bit superfluous. Do you know if they help page load time at all?

Well… man I think all that SEO, Statistics, Clicks, Load is a little overblown. Because, honestly almost ever business is actually regionally bound to a specific area. I mean how many companies are ‘nationwide’, or even multi-state, for that matter? Not many. Any effective company or organization will take majority market share in a targeted square mile radius, use that as a model, then broaden.

When targeting customers with an ecommerce, photography portfolio or company site, the actual load will come from their warm-market initally. And their sales, referrals or business should reflect that targeted zone. So that, things you’re referencing like; site page load, browser usage, device usage percentage, etc., will validate changes throughout the site design.

I say this because - Vendors, Merchants, Clients, don’t have this development information. They can get distracted with the “new thing” they heard. Stearing them towards data gathering > equals > analysis > then adjustments, otherwise sites can get way out of control - fast.

Without core numbers, I doubt you will run into any problems with such interactions :slight_smile: Now adding background videos, with dynamic content on a store with 500 products with 10 variants each, and then these interactions - yes that’s a problem. Nah you’re good to go!

Take care.

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@garymichael1313 I just went to make the animation fix… I’m not sure how to get to where you screenshoted. When I select on Artwork Card on ‘Works’ page and navigate to the behaviour controls top right, then toggle on “legacy interactions” none of them are engaged for me to then toggle off.

Yeah once you click the toggle, it’s greyed out, then you need to click the “Artwork Card” box. And the bearer of bad news :frowning: you’ll have to do it to each one. Unless … hmm… yeah I think you’ll click each one bud.

oh ok, thanks! I didn’t realise I needed to re-select my element I wanted to effect. I didn’t have to do for each one, thankfully. You scared me there. lol

hahah… sorry bout that… and forgive my earlier minor rant… I do business development and get all excited :blush: