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How to remove an intereaction from an element

I have an element that I was messing around with some time ago and put some animations on through webflow.

You can see what I have done by visiting the project and mousing over the projects box and the services box. The animations are jittery and look unprofessional

But now I can’t seem to find where the animations or interactions where defined in the webflow editor to remove them.

So my question is how do I remove interactions.

There seem to be three places where one can set animations in the editor legacy interactions, interactions and transitions and transforms.

But none of these seem to have any correlation to the animations that I want to remove.

Any help would be much appreciated as I am a bit confused as how to do something tha should be simple.

Thanks in advance

Here is my site: LINK
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If it’s interaction 2.0, select the body in the navigator then use alt+arrow down to go down the hierarchy of elements one level by one level. You’ll be listing all elements and the one having a green thunder stroke icon have interaction son them.

To check further you need to share your read only link

I did share my read only link.
But I’ll leave it here

You can’t find the interactions because you did the transform as a hover event on your “white box” element, which is also very likely why it is so jittery.

If you remove that hover event and redo the animation as an interaction, I think you’ll be happier.


Thanks… was going crazy trying to figure that one out


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