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Remove W-(flow) logo

Does anyone knows which part of code I have to remove so The “W” (flow) letter wont appear on any website I put code on . Its like I have to pay to advertise webflow.

In the site settings under the General tab.
It’s a favicon, and you can replace it. Default is the Webflow logo.

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thanks that was too easy lol

Only easy when you know how.

The Web Clip is for if you save your homepage to an iPhone home screen, it shows up like an app icon.

what about renaming css, js - cz they have webflow name - will it still link/ proboble have to spend more time.

On the same page.
Settings, scroll down. Hide webflow branding, minify css etc.

Have a look through the settings pages, lot’s of good features and search the forum too, as there are lots of answers to a lot of questions over the years. :+1:

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one more ; - under settings for remove Webflow branding says upgrade to even more paid account- is this for real?

Yes. It’s for Pro and Team Plans.