Remove the trailing <br> in Rich Text Blocks

I’ve noticed the Rich Text Block always adds a trailing <br>, which interferes with my design.

Is there a way to remove it?

Hello @nachocab,

If you add a class to the rich text element you can specify how your paragraphs styles behave in just that class.

Hi @nachocab.

Thanks for reporting this :sunflower:

This should not be happening while typing in a Rich Text Block. You should only be able to add a <br> when using the shift+enter shortcut in a rich text block, or in some cases after pasting in some content if an extra line break ended up on the clipboard.

If it’s happening while typing it could be a browser extension

I’m not able to get extra <br>s on my side.

Can you provide detailed step by step repro?

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Thanks for the reply, Yoav. I think the line break got in from pasting text from Sketch. I’ve added extra text at the end and a combination of backspaces and deletes seems to have done the job. I’ll be more careful next time :+1: