Remove the "site-wide" seo settings in the dashboard

From what I understand, site-wide seo settings (duplicate titles, descriptions, etc) can have a negative effect on seo rankings.

Can we remove these settings from the dashboard (similar to how we removed the keywords feature: The SEO META Keywords field to be removed from Webflow's UI)

Searching for the effects of duplicate title/descriptions shows somewhat mixed results, but recently it’s becoming more important to have specific information for each page.

Also, a big area of confusion for SEO settings is the fact that universal settings are found in the dashboard, but the page specific settings are in the Designer. So, this could be a win in that area as well.

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I would set triggers. Give the user the option where to set SEO.

If no SEO is provided in the entire Project…

  • provide a brief visualQ when the Project is opened.

If a user has site-wide SEO settings (in the Dashboard / Project)

  • provide a visual warning when they attempt to add on-page SEO
  • allow them to do it… but display a visualQ.

If a user has on-page SEO and tries to add site-wide SEO settings

  • provide a visualQ when they open the SEO tab

I prefer the SEO be done on-page

  • provide a visualQ for each that has SEO done / or not
  • for example: a white icon for done - yellow icon not done