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Find Website in Search Engines

I wish (in the Dashboard) - the SEO -> Disable Sub-Domain Indexing

  • was not to ON by DEFAULT

When you are working on a project

  • you don’t really want your site found in the Search Engines.

I would appreciate an indicator (in the Dashboard)

  • as to whether or not a site can be seen be the Search Engines.

Currently… it appears you must open each project’s settings page

  • then select the SEO option… in order to see this. Two steps required for each project.

If you have 25 projects… that’s 50 STEPS to check something that could be easily added to the dashboard… ZERO (0) STEPS required.

Hi @Revolution, thanks for your valuable comment as always, you make a good point, this will be discussed, We do not currently submit any subdomain to the search engines, but it is possible while the subdomain indexing is turned on, that it can happen that the domain is discovered by a search crawler for various reasons. When there is an update, I will post further on this.