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Remove extra spacing from bottom of page

How do I remove the extra spacing appearing at the bottom of my admin page? To get to that page click on Today’s Devotional link and it will take you to the page I am speaking of. I duplicated the Internal page template which you can get to by clicking on “I’m New” from the home page.

There seems to be extra spacing below my footer which won’t go away even though I had removed all the extra padding and such from containers etc.

There is no extra spacing per say. Your content stops before the page is filled so your footer is drawn before the end of the page.

You’re looking to make a “sticky footer”. A footer that sticks on the bottom of the page when the content is not long enough to fill a page, but behaves normally when there’s more than a page of content. There are a few techniques. All techniques involve you to redo your structure a bit, putting all the sections of your site into one “content” section and the footer sections into one bottom section. Then applying CSS.

This one looks to solve a lot of problems :

If you want a quick fix, simply set your footer elements to position:absolute and click the bottom icon. Make sure this don’t affect the footer elements on other pages though, it wouldn’t work. Also it’s going to bug when viewed with a very short browser in height.

Thank you. I will try your suggestions and see how it goes. Appreciate the explanation. I was totally confused.

Hi, I’m creating a products page with a set height of 100vh, divided horizontally into half. So far it works okay in the designer. However when I go to the published site I get a weird extra space at the bottom when I scroll all the way down. This extra space appears and then instantly disappears, and that is obviously not the behavior I expect the website to have.

This is the website in question. Let me know if I’m being clear enough

Thanks a lot for any help! :slight_smile: