Remove Content Editor > What happens to their edits?

Quick question I hope… but I can’t find an answer on the web.

If I remove one of our three ‘Content Editors’ accounts (when they leave the org) what will happen to all the edits and posts they have made via the Editor on the site over the years? Will they remain or disapear?

Thank you!

A quick follow-up for anyone with the same question.

Webflow Support came through with the following answer…

When a content editor makes changes to a site, as long as the previous edits they’ve made have already been published to the site, I’m happy to confirm that removing your content editor from your site won’t actually remove any of the content that has already been pushed onto the site.

Having now tried this is all seems fine. The only difference is in the CMS the tracking data showing “Created”, “Last Edited” and “Last published” for an entry disappears if it related to that specific editor.