Remote web hostinng with webflow CSM

Hi there!

Is it possible to host my site in a custom remote server but my site still has access to CSM (using a CSM hosting plan)? In my current configuration, when I export my code, the webpage doesn’t work locally in my computer because it has no access to any CSM.

In summary, I want to host my site on my own custom server, while having access to webflow’s CSM data. Is this possible? Will this be the default if I buy a CMS site plan or do I have to code to access my CSM data? Currently I have a Lite webflow account with a free site plan.

Thanks a lot


That is not possible. If you want to use Webflow CMS you ha e to host all at Webflow.

OR… build a custom site accessing Webflow CMS using the API. I do not recommend that solution

Thanks Janne. If that’s the case, this thing is not very useful for me.

Is it possible to attain this with a reverse proxy?