Rel=”noopener noreferrer” in CMS

Hey! I just noticed that Webflow added the noopener noreferrer tag option in the CMS.

As I know nothing about it, can someone explain to me:

  1. Is it activated by default, or should I type “noopener noreferrer” to activate it?
  2. On which links I should activate it? All of the ones I have in my blog? Specific ones? I shouldn’t care?

Thank you so much!

This feature lets you set the rel attribute of a link on your site.

There’s a few use-cases for using the rel attribute, some people set links to 3rd party sites as rel=nofollow to signal to Google not to consider the link as part of the ranking algorithm, other uses are for things like user generated content (ugc) or sponsored. Here’s some info on using it:

Thanks! So is “nofollow” the same as “noopener noreferrer” ? Am I allowed to add any attribute I’d like in that new field?

No nofollow, noopener, noreferrer are all different - is a good authority for these things:
HTML attribute: rel - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

I’m not sure what Webflow does/doesn’t allow (it should be pretty easy to test though - let us know what you find out if you test it). You can’t add any attribute, but you may be able to apply any value to the rel attribute

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