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Tabnabbing vulnerability

So I realize this may not be a huge issue for most, but I’m posting as a precautionary measure. Since we don’t have total control over code, when we select “Open in new tab”, Webflow doesn’t add rel="noreferrer noopener" to the link element.

If this is done for a particular reason I’d love to know why for my own education.

Hi Chris,
We should separate these 2 attributes since they have different impact:

  • The noreferrer attribute is not something I see any reason to use… it makes your links / website invisible from the SEO point of view, so any backlinks would be destroyed.
  • The noopener is (arguably) a safer way to link

Other then that, Webflow try to empower US as users to create the website the way WE want. They try to be as “hand-off” as possible and give us full control on how to use HTML/CSS/JS.
With that said, you can simply add these 2 attribute to any link you have on your website by adding custom attributes.

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Good points @avivtech! Thanks for the input. I was seeing noreferrer being used but also thought it wasn’t needed.

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