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Ability to add rel="nofollow" to links within the CMS Editor on Rich Text Fields - Up your SEO Game

What’s up gang! I want to draw this to your attention

When you link to websites off your site you give that site ‘seo juice’ as they call it. If you do it too often it really reduces your SEO rankings.

Please go along here and upvote this, I think its such a simple change to put this option in the EDITOR so that when we edit links in the rich text fileds of blog posts and articles on our sites we can add the nofollow tag.


I’m already using nofollow on quite a bunch of links on my Webflow sites.

So we’re looking to make <a href="url" rel="nofollow">hello</a> right?

Here’s a link I just made in Webflow:

I used custom attributes here:

Sometimes you can’t use certain attributes names because they’re reserved for Webflow. But in this case, rel isn’t reserved.

It’s probably more delicate to deal with links inside of RT elements. CMS links can be easily crafted with inline custom code components.

Is this helping, or do I miss something?

Yes this is for static pages. But if you have dynamic pages that are pulled from collections, such as blog posts or articles. When you are editing content in the EDITOR there is no way to add a nofollow tag to that link in the blog or article post. You can hard code in the no-follow tags to specific links, as you have done above

Ok, the title of your whishlist idea was much more precise in that matter :slight_smile: I suspected you were talking about within the CMS

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Its not my wishlist haha but yeah I agree @GrahamCox could tweak it a bit. I want to get more people to vote so the webflow peeps can add it in. To me it seems like a tiny tweak. But an essential one for SEO.

Did you edit the title of my post? I didnt know that that was possible!

Yes I did it because I’m a moderator here. On top of answering posts, I also rewrite titles and recategorize posts so that the forum has better chances of becoming an efficient knowledge base. Please don’t take offense :slight_smile:

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non taken at all! :slight_smile: It was great! Just want more people to VOTE! ha

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Oh maaaan this is so badly needed. 2 years later… was this ever implemented?? I’m trying to do exactly what you’re asking for as rel:nofollow and rel:sponsored are suuuper important for blog focused websites.

@vincent @laveritalondon if this hasn’t been implemented, does anyone have any bright ideas for workarounds? :smiley:

From recently you can have custom code in RTs. You can use custom code blocks to add links that with the attributes you want.

I’m not a coder, but this is also super simply solved with javascript. Have a code made to add the rel attribute to all the links with a parent of a certain class, then add this class as a combo to any RT.

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Ooooo, ok! I like the sound of that! I’m not a coder either but I’ll do some research into it :nerd_face: appreciate the response Vincent!

If I identify the correct code, I’ll post in here for anyone else that’s looking for the same fix!

** if any friendly neighbourhood coders want to give their 2c with a fix, I won’t say no to that of course :slight_smile:

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Easy way to do this…

Add #nofollow at the end of the link.

So your link should look like this:

Some text

Then add this script in:

("a").each(function() { var url = ((this).attr(‘href’))
(this).attr( "rel", "nofollow" ); }else{ (this).attr(‘rel’,‘dofollow’)

This script will search each link to see if it contains the “nofollow” text, and add it in as a rel=“nofollow” throughout the site. Otherwise if this #nofollow doesn’t exist it will add a rel=“dofollow”

Oh…and if you want to hide the nofollow from the url, you add this:

(this).attr( "href",(this).attr( “href”).replace(’#nofollow’,’’))
(this).attr( "href",(this).attr( “href”).replace(’#dofollow’,’’))


We actually implemented a similar script fix for our site - but thank you for this! This will be super helpful for others looking for the solution!

All good. :call_me_hand:

Added in this solution on this page: #1 Guide to Employee Engagement [2021] | Blog | Matter

See links in section: Employee engagement software

Added in the full snippet to the header of the Blog Post Template page. However when I go to the links the #nofollow still shows and when I inspect the text, no rel shows.

Any advice?

Also, would there be a way to add this: rel=“noopener noreferrer nofollow” target="_blank"

To links with #nofollow in them?

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@Sam_Lepak the solution simply wouldn’t work (the nofollow part) because the scripts are evaluated during page load in the browser. That’s why you won’t see them if you view Page Source.

Webflow needs to add a solution to mark certain links in rich editor as nofollow.

Adding target="_blank" would work.

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Hey Sam! Just checked your site and it appears you got this to work! :smiley: How did you do it in the end? If you don’t mind sharing :slight_smile:

Hey Bradley - I made an HTML Embed Code Editor and added in the following code:

Plan is to do this for all outbound competitor links. As for outbound links, I’ll just add a target="_blank" to them. Don’t mind passing link juice if it’s a credible high DR site.

Ah okay thank you :slight_smile:
Yeah we have a travel blog with roughly 400 posts on it. Ideally I’m keen to find a way that automagically makes all links to certain domains nofollow. For example, Amazon or other affiliate links.

It does seems shocking to me that Webflow hasn’t just enabled this featured with the CMS editor. Just have a mother checkbox next to “open in a new tab” seems like a straightforward thing they could do …


Your right that Webflow should have the option. From a coding perspective this seems like such low hanging fruit. Webflow touts itself as a great alternative to WordPress for blogging, but it’s not at the end of the day. Not being able to manage link attributes is an absolute SEO nightmare. The editor is another major weakpoint—no comparison to Wordpress’s Gutenberg. I could go on, but there is no point.


Great to see you with us on it, is it possible to upvote this feature @webdev? Thanks!