Referring a Collection List Item to its Associated Collection Page


I’m creating a simple list of blog articles on my site using a collection list on a static page. I created a link block inside my collection item, and I want the link block to refer to the page associated with the collection item. However, when I go into the settings for the link block and try to “Get URL from CMS Articles” nothing appears on the dropdown menu.

I looked at the tutorials on Webflow University, and it looks like the links should be generated automatically and be available to select, but they’re not for some reason. I know the page URL is automatically created with the slug I provide on the CMS page and its right there on the page when I look as you can see in the photo below, but I haven’t found any way to call it in the designer. I was able to manually get around this by adding a url field to my collection and then copy-pasting the page url into that field, but that is cumbersome and definitely not how it was done in the tutorial, nor how it should be done.

I’ve searched the forum to no avail. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m doing wrong, but I cannot find out what it might be for the life of me. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Nevermind. I was able to find the problem. I had to click the purple collection page icon above the “Get URL from CMS Articles” in order to link to the associated page. Thanks.