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Help with Displaying CMS Multi-Reference


I have multiple pages that displays products under relevant categories.
Like, Automotive Oils > Engine Oils > Relevant products.

I need to display product size for each product. Like the image below:


Sizes available is a Multi-Reference field and I’m not able to display it. Maybe I’m not getting it or is there a workaround?

Please help!

Thank you. :webflow_heart:

Read-only link is below.
FYI - I’m still learning webflow. :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link:
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You can only do this on the product page not on static pages.

That’s unfortunate. Do you know if there’s any workaround?

Unfortunately at the moment no.


I thought of an alternative way of what I want to achieve.

You can avoid using multireference option and add the info directly to the item or instead of multireference use a couple of reference fields