Reference Fields not appearing on template

I’m having an issue where I can’t see sub-fields within a referenced collection.

Here’s my structure:
Events Collection has a multi-reference to the People collection for the “Speakers” field. I populate the Multi-Reference Field via the CMS API. However I don’t see this field in the dropdown selection when I tried to use the data in the template. Here’s an image to help illustrate my issue:

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

Since it’s a multi-ref, there can be multiple People records referenced there. Your Events-bound collection list has no idea which one of those people you’d want to bind the text from.

Single-refs are clear in this regard so you see them and their relevant [text-bindable] fields here.

What you’re probably wanting is a nested collection list, which is bound to that People multi-ref field, and then inside of that nested collection, it will allow you to bind e.g. the name of each person individually.

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This is exactly it, I just added the nested collection and it works like a charm!

I think it’s time for a break, I must be sleep deprived xD haha.

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