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Redirects to the wrong page even though it should be setup correctly

Hi everyone,

I am having this issue where members that sign up are redirected to the wrong step in the sign up process.

I am using Memberstack as a third party integration to my webflow site.

I linked 3 read only sites of the 3 different ones that is mentioned. Basically I would like it to go to “step 1” after the initial sign up where a member can pick between 2 options and get the page meant for that option to finish their sign up. I initially got the idea from a template and have tried multiple solutions to fix it, including copying the exact elements from the initial template to my own site.

I will post 2 pictures of the panels that shows the data attributes as well.

Sign up page - Screenshot - a0c66ec1400180eee6a76afb6ec93469 - Gyazo

The page it redirects to after - Screenshot - e05975e8471300b7bc00c4a13667fd19 - Gyazo

Hopefully someone have an answer here, or can show me the right direction of where I can find a solution for this or an alternate way of doing this!

Thanks in advance.

Here is my Sign up form Read-Only: Webflow - Nerd Alert Main Site

Here is my Step 1 Read-Only: Webflow - Nerd Alert Main Site

Here is my the Step 2 it keeps redirecting to instead: Webflow - Nerd Alert Main Site