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Redirect on of custom domains to a specific page


As I understand it this is not possible out-of-the-box in Webflow, but anybody know if its possible to configure the DNS settings at the domain provider in a way so that its possible to redirect on of the custom domains to a specific Webflow page?

Example: A site has two custom domains ( and I want to be the default domain and to be redirected to

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Google domains supports this feature.

Check out my domain names:

Hi Samliew

Hmm… but these 3 domains leads to the same page on your site? Can you redirect one of the domains to a specific page on the site, and the 2 others to a different page on the same site in GoogleDomains?


Yeah, I set all the to redirect to the same page, but the main domain is

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Aha… cool! Do you set it up in the DNS settings, or is it a special feature in Google domains?

It’s a feature in Google Domains. Not sure about other registrars (can always ask their support)

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Hm, do not think this is a feature with my registrar. I will check with support.

Thanks for your help Samliew :slight_smile:

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