Redirecting to custom success page URL after submitting the form with POST method


I’m having a problem with redirection to a custom URL. I’m using a post method that sends data to our database, and I set custom URL redirection for the success page which is created in the same project in webflow.
My settings look like that:
Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 14.04.54

Unfortunately, the redirection doesn’t work, instead of that it redirects me to the link that is in “action” field.

Does anyone know how to fix it ?

Hi @PauliBry,

This Redirect URL function only works for forms that are submitted to Webflow forms submissions.

When the configuration is changed to POST, this means that data is being sent away from Webflow and in this case, the default submission is bypassed altogether.

In order to set up a redirect on a custom form submission, it would be necessary to build that into your custom form script that prevents the default submission event and posts that data to a destination of your choice after which a page redirect is applied.

Hope this helps to answer your question!

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Yes, now is clear! Thank you so much!

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