Redirecting from old website to new WebFlow site


I have built my first website in WebFlow and now getting it ready to go live. My previous website was built on Wix which was done poorly! (I have minimal experience building websites).

I’m a little confused with the best way to 301 redirect my pages. If for instance my old Wix site is and my new Webflow site will be I’m assuming no redirect is needed?

I also read on here that a global redirect can be done through my registrar which is GoDaddy. Would this be an easier option than doing it in WebFlow?

Many thanks, James

You are correct, you only need to do 301 redirects for pages where you change the slug url or when an existing slug no longer exists where you want it to go elsewhere.

When you add hosting to your Webflow account, it will give you options of connecting your go daddy account domain.