Redirecting to

months ago I have created a site in free mode:
Later I have purchased a webflow hosting and a domain and since the old URL already has some SEO ranking and history, I would like to redirect it so anytime someone types directly will be redirected to

Is it possible doing the 301 redirect setting on the Project settings page? I was unable to set"/" in the “old URL” field…

No. Next time block the ‘io’ site from google. For now keep both and maybe add canonical tag

Since you can’t do a 301, you can use a sneaky redirect with Javascript. In this case, it would be a legitimate practice.

<script> window.location.href = ``<script>

Place in custom code in the head. If you have juice on other pages, then include the path in the snippet and add to that particular page.

Will you get into SEO trouble with Google for this? Nope, not for this use.

Sneaky Redirects | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google Developers

This idea will “kill” the idea of webflow .io mode (No way to test the staging site like this).
Great idea but only for short term.

@StanislavKrofta anyway add canonical (To avoid duplicate content issues) - For now both sites index by google