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I want to redirect domain [] to [my custom-domain]

I used a [] for 3 month, the domain got google rank.
I want keep this.but i don’t know how settings 301 all page.

1, How redirect all page? Just setting default domain?

・I reed this topic.

if i can’t keep my google rank ,want is the best way?

This not solvable without hosting two projects since redirects affect all bound domains. So the only way to solve this is to copy the build to another project, change the custom domain on this site, then spin up the custom domain on the copy. Set up redirects on this one, that point to the new project. Once google has redirected and updated the index then kill it. I just tested it and redirects work on the webflow,io domain when published.

Lesson is if you care about SEO always launch a project on your own custom domain.

Thank you reply !!

hum, I need to copy and 301redirect Original to Copy. Isn’t it?
After that , the original is deleted ,(maybe around 1 year later?)

Actually I don’t have good English skill.thus I made a this graph.
is It collect?

It sounds like head for me.Even I don’t know how to setting 301.haha
But I Will try. thank you teach me sir.

The graph is correct. You only need to run long enough for you to updated the backlinks that are valuable.

Thank you so much.

I consider to throw away the rank.
I think the way is the most cheap and easy.haha

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