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Redirect from to .com Help

Hi all! I’m new to site design and my SEO team is trying to get me to fix this on the back end but I don’t know how, can you help?

Currently, there are two live versions of your website, .com, and which means they are competing with each other, and registering as duplicate content in Google. This is not good for my SEO campaign and the trust of your website, Google will see it as less trustworthy while this is the case.

The SEO team implemented Canonical Domain Tags to your website so that .com, .com/ has priority in the search results, but because the links within the website link to the version the duplicate site is still an issue.

It may be that the version was a preview or draft version of the website that was published by mistake. How do I undo this?

What needs to happen is the links within the website, “Home,” “About,” “Services,” and “Contact” need to lead to the [.com, .com/] version of the website, not the version of the site. It needs to be updated so that when navigating within the website, the user is not sent to the version but can stay on the regular .com version of the site.

Can you help? Thank you!

Welcome to the forum! There’s a button in the settings of your website somewhere that allows you to turn indexing of the domain on/off.