301 redirect issue


I have a simple issue that I didn’t understand what have I done wrong with. I am trying to set up the 301 redirect on Webflow, where I would like to redirect from the /old-url to an external URL www.newurl.com (also a project on Webflow under the same account).

When I set it up on my old url project, the 301 redirect works different than I thought, it redirects www.oldurl.com/old-url to www.oldurl.com/newurl.com, which obviously does not exist and it shows 404.

Can someone please help me to understand what did I do wrong?

Many thanks!

Say you have two sites, siteA.com and siteB.com.
You want traffic from A to go to B

Add a redirect to A of e.g.

This will redirect all traffic from https://www.siteA.com/about to https://www.siteB.com/about2.