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Redirect users of Internet Explorer to a specific page

Hi Guys,

is there the possibility to simply check the current browser of the user and redirect him internally to another page if it’s the Internet Explorer?

Instead of reworking the whole Website we thought about making a little internal page with more information about why the page isnt supported fully with the IE.

Thank you very much!

Its my first time posting in the forum - can’t believe that it took me so long :smiley:

hello @Bertschko,

you could try this snipet, see if that works for you.

<!--[if IE]>
    window.location = "";

Hope that helps.

This doesn’t work for ie10 & 11 apparently. I was going to use the below to target ie 10/11.


@media all and (-ms-high-contrast: none), (-ms-high-contrast: active) {
  .ie-content {
  display: block;
   .content-1 {
   display: none;

demo :

Edit: so consider showing and hiding content with CSS as opposed to redirecting user to a page



Thank you! This would mean that I have to create different elements for the IE and let them be visible if someone uses IE.

@anthonysalamin Thank you! Will try that right away

Yes mate. Or the other approach would be to use the same principal to change the display property of the elements to something ie supports. So for example set to flexbox instead of grid if ie. I don’t know what others are doing other than avoiding CSS Grid altogether. I know I have as I have one site with 15% of traffic ie11 :grimacing:

Would you need to add anything to the head code? OR simply just clone the preview?

The code in the body of the page would be better added site wide in project settings in the body.