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Redirect non-www to www or vice versa

As we all want to make our sites as SEO-friendly as possible, I’d like to know how I can achieve a redirect of non-www to www addresses of my domain.

Of course this implies of having setup custom domains in webflow. As I just recently had the same situation on shopify, let’s have a look on how it’s done in their admin:

As you can see, I’ve got the shopify-url as well as my 2 domains (one with, one without www) setup and added. I changed the A record / CNAME of my domains so those point to my shopify shop - similar as I would do in webflow.

Now, there’s a function called set as primary. When I click that, a popup will open.

There I can also check Redirect all traffic to this domain. From now on all domains will point to the www-version.

How can I do this with webflow? I don’t want both domains to be indexed by google (yes, I know I can set a prefered domain within analytics/webmaster tools).

In case I would like to use the www-domain only, would the following be a solution?

  1. remove the non-www from webflow
  2. redirect the non-www to the www domain (by our hosting provider)

By the way: wouldn’t a checkbox like the one in shopify also be a solution for this issue?

Hey @Tom - we’ll look into implementing a “primary” domain for your custom domains.

+1 This is the desired function.

Hello there,

Like Tom said, if I have to make my site as SEO friendly as possible, what would be the best way to do it in terms of non-www version and yes-www version redirection in webflow? (taking into account that it’s not possible to do the redirection like, Tom showed.

What would you recommend to have only one of this domains indexed and to not be duplicate content?


Check the publish button and the hosting settings!

Seems they just pushed a new release. :blush:

@brryant looking good!

Just noticed the announcement here: New Feature: Publish Controls & Domain Redirection