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Webflow hosting improvements to increase SEO

Hey Webflow staff!

We have a few sites hosted by Webflow, and we love the one button push publishing! It’s definitely easier than hosting the sites on our own.

That said, because we don’t have access to the .htaccess file, we can’t make any server optimizations. We recently ran some speed reports on our site and my request is that you look into implementing the following on Webflow hosted sites:

  • List item WWW resolve to no WWW
  • List item Leverage browser caching
  • List item Add expires headers

@MikeD - we utilize the Cache-Control:max-age=31536000, must-revalidate header for image assets instead of the Expires header. The problem with setting an expires header like Expires Wed, 30 Oct 2014 04:37:07 GMT is that all clients will have to hit our CDN at the same time. Our CDN can handle it, but it’s a practice we use in other places of the app.

As for www redirection, we’ve looked into it and will probably work on it in the next couple release cycles :smile:

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Thanks for the response @brryant and great to hear about the www redirection. Is there anyway to leverage browser caching as well?

Hi @MikeD we already have browser caching in the form of Cache-Control header for image assets. We have disabled client side caching for HTML documents since users were confused why their sites weren’t updating after publishing. (many don’t know about hard refresh)

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Gotcha. Any chance for more control over caching in the future?

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Sorry for bumping this, but is there any progress on www redirecting?

It is high on my priority list! There is another update coming soon which has features that need to be implemented before this in order to avoid some nasty edge case URL conflicts. This will be released in the coming weeks, and www redirection should follow shortly after.

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I love you guys. For real.

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@MikeD, @SiavashVJ - just added a way for you to set up a domain redirect in the site’s hosting tab. This will give you the ability to remove duplicate content from users and search engines. One must have the www domain set as a custom domain for this to work as the www is the default domain we’re using. Let us know if you have any feedback!

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Bryant, first of all thank you!

However – and I know I’ll probably sound greedy now – how about the other way around? That is, redirecting www to non-www? Cause that’s what I really would like to see.

Edit: This is only for the Professional plan?

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Bryant, i’d like to thank you as well! This is great… but like @SiavashVJ i’d also only use it if it was the other way around (without the www). Is it possible to add both options, or reverse the current one?

The reason why www is the default domain is due to the fact that it’s a CNAME pointing to, which benefits from increased reliability. We may consider adding support for the naked domain as the default domain but it requires a bit more work on our side to give you that option.

Okay, please holler whenever you implement the reversed redirect.

@brryant, help me understand something: If I skipped the CNAME record for my www which currently points to, wouldn’t I then be able to point it to the naked domain? Shouldn’t that work?