Redirect current domain to another website until I finish developing

My client bought a new domain for their company’s rebrand and website re-design. They want me to add an ssl to the new domain and redirect the new domain to their old domain/website, until I finish developing their new site. How can I do that?

What I’ve done:
I just billed them the annual hosting on webflow, and have just let them know to access their admin console of their domain registrar and update their dns-a records, so the webflow site I’m currently building is published to a custom domain (their new domain), and their new domain has ssl.

If I’ve successfully added their new domain to the webflow site I’m currently building for them, how do I redirect it to their old domain/site? Is this something they have to do on their domain registrar admin console or can I do it on Webflow?

What you can do is use a javascript code like the one below to redirect people to the old site URL. The key thing is to only publish this change with the Javascript to the new domain. This way the client can view the site.

The following code can do in the custom code section of your homepage settings. Just remember to take it out before publishing to the domain.


Let me know if you need any further explination.

Thank you! I was able to successfully redirect it.

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