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Redirect 301 help

I’ve recently moved a blog from one site to another and attempted to set up 301 redirects so that the old links, on the old blogs that had gained traction on social media would automatically redirect. However, the links don’t appear to be working. Below is how I’ve set it up:

Have I done it wrong?

Did you connect both domains to your project?

Both projects are Webflow projects but as for connecting them I didn’t know I had to and I don’t know how to do that. Any tips?

ps just for clarity, is still in existence its just the blog that was on there I’ve moved to

This is from 301 university page:

" To redirect a domain to another one, connect both old and new domains to your project and make the new one the default domain. Learn more about connecting domains."

Thanks Dram, however, I’m not too sure that is the solution I’m looking for as both sites are still in existence. It’s possible I’ve misunderstood the point and capability of a 301 redirect

You cannot make visitors leave some site and go to your site just by using redirect. It would be obvious if you give it some thought :wink:

Thanks for replying to this. However that last comment wasn’t very helpful.

What sort of help do you need thought? All I am saying is that you cannot just put in any site into “redirect from” and get all the traffic from it, that would be weird.

To use redirect from one domain to another you need to point both to your webflow project. This will make old site gone though. If you want to keep old site online you will need to set up redirects somewhere on the hosting panel of your old site. but that would be pointless - if you are not using your old site by redirecting everything to your new webflow site then there is no need to keep it and it is safe to connect that old domain to your project anyway.

Here is a sample from one of my sites