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no puedo redireccionar la pagina de webflow a un nombre de dominio propio como hago, ya cambie mis DNS pero webflor no los asepta

I would suggest to send an email at support@webflow.com describing your issue in details. Screenshots could help a lot!


Yo sugeriría que enviar un correo electrónico a support@webflow.com describiendo su problema en los detalles. Imágenes podrían ayudar mucho!



gracias ya pude resolverlo… felicitaciones por el programa …para cuando el webflow ecommer???

hi @hola, thanks a lot for your update. We only support replies in the English language, however if your question is when will Webflow have ecommerce, we do not have an ETA for that yet, but you can use other services such as ecwid, paystand or other third party services that allow you to embed a shopping cart on to your page using an html embed code snippet.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: If you have some other question, please let us know :slight_smile:

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