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Recreating a complex site in Webflow

I want to recreate this page along with all the effects in the Webflow.
And I want to invite everyone wishing to do this with me.

But I can not figure what should I do. :smile: I just have not created similar sites yet. But I really want to learn.

Here scroll first horizontal then vertical.

There left column with text, right video.
Then when you start scrolling, the video shifts to the left and it can be seen on the whole screen.
Then scroll more, the video is partially shifted to the left, and on the right appears a text column.

How to do this, I do not represent. With what to begin?

P.S. This site is one of the winners of awwwards

Hello @Barsik

That site is neat! I have to say that it is a good challenge, but it can be done, although you would require some custom code and a lot of Webflow knowledge, specially interactions.

Let me ask, how familiar are you with Webflow?

Well. But not enough to make such a website. My profile in Webflow:
Write approximately in brief me about how to implement it. I will be glad to any help and participation.

I would encourage you to do it.

Read and learn as much as you can about interactions:

Maybe you know about all of this but putting those into practice will help to develop the skills you need to create not just that but even more complex sites.

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In my opinion these videos are not enough

I think these videos give you the basics to start creating your own animations, another resource I think you should check is:

I hope you find all of this helpful in your journey.

Practicing is everything when it comes to master something.

I did just that.

But I can not make the appearance of the column with the text on the right with the second scroll

And what about that instead of trying to modify the column you use a fixed section for the background and div block to create the effect of moving the column

I should delete section block “wrapper”?

Put a section before that one to put the background video. I can make an example video later, it just will take me a few hours because I’m working on a project right now.

Good. Thank you! I’ll wait for the video.

For what there is this forum, if it is dead, and then nobody comes to the rescue?

The site is pretty neat and beautiful

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