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Help me create animation like on this page

It’s me. Again. Help me create animation like on this page. :smile:

Hi @Barsik,

I thought you solved the post bellow already ?

I need to make the rest of the animation

There’s a lot going on there. What exactly do you need help with, the whole site? :grinning:

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Animations that occur on this page

I want to learn how to implement:

  1. preloader
  2. animating the movement of the title “PUMA All-Star Group” and text under him when scrolling, when the video is opened
  3. how to make a more smooth motion of the block with the video (as well as on the original site)

I think you’ll find preloader on the forum or University.weblfow.
For the other things I feel time is against me here. Nothing I can do quickly to help. Not in a short time window anyway. Sorry.

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