Recommendation form


I would like to create a referral form that runs on our website and with which, for example, a customer can recommend us to another customer.

Is that possible that this customer sends a message to the other through this form. The recipient’s e-mail would have to be stored somehow, so that when clicking on the Send button, this recommendation can go to the appropriate addressee.

Something along those lines. In principle, the crux is that you can specify the e-mail address of the friend, which is generally possible, but the form should not be sent to the Webflow backend, but to the mail address of the friend.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

Many greetings

This is not possible natively so the only solution is to use an external form engine or automation tool that supports what you require. The biggest issue with something like this is to reduce or block potential spam abuse. I have mitigated that by both limiting the number of submissions via authentication, and a workflow that requires a confirmation step by the user when something like this was a customer requirement.

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Hi Jeff,

I almost thought something like this, and have also already looked around for simple solutions, all of which are actually already too big and too far away for me as a non-programmer :slight_smile:

Is it possible to use a normal Webflow form and add the information to the “Send Button”, that e.g. after clicking on the Send button the email address is passed to which I want to recommend someone and then e.g. just the mail client is opened?