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Dear Community,

I built a website for client (german) with a contact form through Webflow.

The client does not like the way he can access the files of the submissions and messages through the editor and asked me to implement a solution where the email and content and file is directly sent to an email address. Is this possible?

Kind regards,
Niklas Soltner

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Hello Niklas,

Welcome to the Webflow Forums!

In your Project Settings, under the Forms tab, do you have your client’s email in the Send form submissions to: field?

Thank you for your reply.

What I am trying to do is that the whole content and the uploaded file as attachment is being sent to this mail.

Another important thing would be that the file name will not be changed, so it is the file name the person doing the upload chose.

Kind regards

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Hi Niklas,

Thank you for providing more details.

I can’t think of a way to do this natively in Webflow but I have two suggestions:

  1. Integrate a task automation using a third-party app (like Zapier or Integromat)
  2. Integrate a third-party form (like MailChimp or others listed here)

Hallo Niklas :slight_smile:

If you’re good with javascript, I very much suggest a peek at EmailJS! You can programmatically sent emails from the client. It supports templates and file attachments. It has a free tier for up to 500 emails per month, not sure about free file attachments though!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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