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Rebuild Ecwid on Webflow as a template

Just wondering…

If I rebuild the ecwid structure on webflow, I could use as a template to design stores just copying and paste the CSS?

Thanks a lot guys

Theoretically yes. It would take a lot of work to map out the structure and to use the exact naming convention Ecwid uses. I don’t remember how they handle the responsiveness on the cart, I’m not sure if you will run into problems there.

Let us know if you attempt it and how it goes.


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It is really hard for a noob like me do it haha, but I am taking a look to see what I can do. If at least I could import HTML files and CSS… But its not an option. I going to try and them share with you guys to see how it works. It’s a learning project to me, so maybe its going to take a looong time.

this is the shareable link:

And the store I am using to start:

Hi there!
Ecwid Customer Care Team here!
Could you please precise what do you mean by “rebuild the Ecwid structure on webflow"?

Ecwid can be added to any website, blog or social network page or in several places at the same time.
It is possible to add Ecwid to any site that allows embedding HTML/JavaScript code. All you need is:

  • Create a free Ecwid account at
  • Get the integration code through the setup wizard in Ecwid control panel
  • Copy the integration code into your web-page.

Ecwid is a SAAS solution that means that
your Ecwid shop and all its data is stored and processed on our own servers. Ecwid does not use or consume resources of the server that runs your website.

All design changes are possible in Ecwid via CSS. Adding a CSS code into your custom CSS theme in the Ecwid Control Panel. For more information please refer to this article.

If any question appear, please feel free visiting our forum and help center to get assistance


The only problem changing the design using css is that… i don’t code! :sweat_smile:

So, I thought in maybe re build the ecwid structure in webflow, so I can change it. My limitations with css are my only obstacle to use ecwid as my main plataform to build e-commerce websites. I don’t want to pay for someone code to me for every project or change, thats why I think that maybe I can use the friendly webflow to change the store layout :wink:

Thank you!

Hi again!
With the help of Inspector of elements, you can easily indicate what exact element should be changed.
On how to use Inspector of elements and how to make CSS changes in Ecwid you can read in this article.

As an example, please have a look at this screencast.

Have a wonderful day!


I know how to change things on ecwid, just dont work to myself :wink:

I will try to make this work, but maybe its going to take years hahah

but thank you

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