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Really Simple Page Load Query


For some reason, all the pages that I create in Webflow, once published, open up at the bottom of the page.

Anyone know how I fix this??


Hi Justin, do you have a project link that you can post to the forum? Then we here on the forum can look and then offer advice or help. Cheers


The link is https://webflow.com/design/savannah-accounting?preview=1444cafd76af955e70db045f9d29fb53.

Help would be appreciated!

Hi there, it is because you have a form at the bottom of your page, and on one or more text fields, you have autofocus set to on. You need to uncheck the autofocus:

Cheers !

Thanks Dave.

Another prob I have all of a sudden is that I can’t export code - it just hangs.
My other sites export fine, and I have restarted Chrome.

Any help? Maybe a bug somewhere in my site…?


Hi Justin, try to unpublish your site, then re-publish, and then try to export the code again. We will check to see if there is any issues on exporting…


I’ve just tried that now… doesn’t work.

I mean it doesn’t help, after republishing…


Any news on this yet?

Hi, this problem should now be fixed, could you please try to export again?

Thanks Dave. All fixed up!

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