URL not directing to the top of the page

Hi Webflow community,

I just recently published my website but received complaints from people that they are being taken to the middle part of the page instead of the top when they type in the URL. Is there something I did wrong here?

Here’s a preview of the page:

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated!

Yours truly,
Webflow + web design noob

Hi @smaier, I would check the form on the site, make sure that none of the input fields or form elements have the “Autofocus” checkbox set in the settings panel.

If a form field has that checkbox checked, the page will jump to the form on page load, wherever it is on the page.

Check that and let me know if any further issue.

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for the quick response. Just made the change and it works
perfectly! Thanks again – you’re a lifesaver.


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