A real estate website with a CMS map


I have a client who wants me to create a real estate website with two main functionalities:

  1. A map connected to the CMS collection that displays properties available for sale and rent in a specific area. The map should have search and filtering capabilities.

  2. When a customer selects a rental property, they should be redirected to a property page that includes a short-term reservation system. This system should allow customers to check out and reserve the property. Once the property is booked, it should no longer be visible on the website to avoid double bookings.

Unfortunately, I am currently unaware of any cloneable, templates, third-party apps, or tutorials that demonstrate how to create a website with these specific functionalities. I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide.

Thank you in advance for your help.

For a map, try: https://www.nocodemapapp.com/

For bookings, try: https://www.flowbookings.io/

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Hello Nelson,

Thank you so much for your quick reply, since the project will be based around tramway tracks, the client wants to create something similar to this in the second section: https://www.immotram.fr/ the user can pick multiple choices and click search.
Could this function be built natively using Webflow tools?

Looking forward to your answer.