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[Help needed] API Concurrent Limit

Hello, I am hoping I could reach someone from the Webflow team.
We are currently using Webflow as the CMS to publish content into an App we just released today and have been hit by the 60 API requests/min limitation we were not aware. We have a significant of users that signed up, most of which the app is crashing on, and unfortunately there is nothing we could do until we can push a new release (which can take days with Google play).

What would solve our problem would be if someone from the Webflow team could help us with our limit in any way, at least so we can allow our users to connect to the app and not damage our reputation further than is already happening. Many thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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What exactly are you using Webflow’s database for?

And just so you can start getting familiarized with, this is the library that I use for throttling my requests to Webflow when I need to so: