Random letters in front of image file?


I don’t know if this is normal or not, but my when I upload an image on webflow for the website and I open the image and download it again, there appears to be a string of random letters in front of the actual image name.



This causes some really weird names when linking this picture on another platform like here:

Anyone knows what this might be and how to show the real file name instead?

Webflow assets are stored in a large shared bucket in the cloud and each filename needs to be unique so it prepends a unique id (UID) to the filename to insure that. If you want complete control over filenames you need to roll your own asset hosting. Unfortunantly, WF does not support referencing external image assets without using custom code. I find that this is a severe limitation and not very web friendly IMHO.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the clarification!

Do you know (or someone else) what that custom code might be to let your image file names to appear correctly?

If the “other apps” are displaying the file name then not possible to change.