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Webflow on Windows changes initial image names

Hey everyone :v:

For SEO reasons I named the images in a certain way but when my co-worker tries to upload them (via editor mode on a Windows PC), Webflow constantly changes their names.
For example: the image name is something like elderly-couple-sits-in-tuscan-landscape.jpg
Uploaded on a windows PC via editor mode it changes into something like ELDERL~1.jpg
I guess it takes the first 6 letters of the name in CapsLock and then adds a ~ and a random number. This only happens on Windows, not on my Mac.

Anyone has an idea why this accurs?

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Webflow renames all assets uploaded to include a GUID as part of the file name to insure it is unique. Not something you can opt out of.

But when I upload the images from my Mac it doesn’t change a thing – how is this possible?

It’s not if you are talking about something uploaded. Inspect the asset properties (gear icon when mouse-over) in the asset panel. You should see the URI of the asset and the full name.

Yes, that’s right. But the names don’t change when I uploaded it, when my co-worker does, it changes.
That’s what confuses me

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Share a published link to your project and an image for reference. We can then look at the source and reveal the file name. This should answer the question.