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Linked file - File name changes when downloaded

When my linked file (resume) is downloaded from browser, a seemingly random character string [ 5ae6841a7df9bf735bbe66fa_ ] is appended to the beginning of my original file name. I assume this is related to the file hosting service. Is it possible to avoid this? I would prefer to maintain my original file name on download.

Hi @WillR That is a good question.

Correct. When you upload an asset to Webflow, it gets uploaded to the CDN. If you don’t want the file name to change, you may have to use a third party cloud file hosting service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you. I switched to a third party file host.

I noticed that my linked file is accessible on, and can be accessed through a google search, even though my site is password protected. How can I remove this file from, so that it is no longer accessible outside of my website?

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You should consider crafting a solution to this.

It is rather annoying for our clients to download weird named files. We have had two clients, who loved the ability to upload a file for download, but then we had extra work changing this, as they did not want the weird file names on download.

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I agree with @Fagerlund, would love to see this feature.