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Random CMS Collection Button

Hi Team!

I am looking for a solution for a button that, when clicked, the user goes to a random CMS Collection Item. Each time they engage with that button, that we are brought to a new random item.

I have done a fair amount of googling around for this and can’t seem to find a good solution.

Any ideas? What am I missing?

Webflow’s random ordering applies randomness to a collection list that is refreshed once every 12 hours to the cached page showing the list. So it’s not something that would solve your problem. There are ways you could solve this with custom code and the approach would depend on your specific needs. An example would be to take a CSV, convert it to JSON, then randomly select a object in the array for display in an element. Totally doable but represents challenges on source updates. You would probably need to enlist the help of a developer.