Quick find in beta!

Hi everyone!

My team is working on a cool new enhancement to help you quickly find anything in the Designer — and add it to the canvas.

And we want your help with the beta.

It speeds up your workflow in the Designer by making it easier for you to go almost anywhere and complete various actions without even lifting your fingers off the keyboard.

You’ll be able to:

  1. Click or drag to add elements, Symbols, and assets to your canvas
  2. Quickly go to pages and specific page settings
  3. Open Collections or specific Collection settings
  4. Select elements on your current page
  5. Other cool stuff you’ll have to discover for yourself :wink:

Join the beta

Want to start speeding up your workflow — and sharing your input on the feature? Awesome: just sign up for the beta.

Once you’re in, you should see this notification:

And then you’ll be able to use the keyboard shortcut CMD + K on Mac (CTRL + Kr on Windows) to start finding.

Share your feedback

Please fill out this survey once you’ve played around with it for a week or two. Have fun — and happy finding!


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