Question regarding exporting my Webflow site code

I understand that if a user has the Lite, Pro, or Team plan, they’re able to export their sites code after developing it. I’ve also checked the code export help page & noticed the part that says: “After exporting, you don’t need to provide attribution to Webflow or maintain a Webflow plan for your exported site to work on your own server.” Though I have a few additional questions:

Question 1) So does the quoted text above mean I don’t need to credit Webflow in any way, shape, or form if I export my sites code and use it elsewhere?
Question 2) If the answer to the above question is a “Yes”, does this mean that I can literally do anything I want with the code, such as run ads & monetize a website that utilizes Webflow’s code, etc. completely for free?

Apologies if these questions are overly simple, I just would rather be safe than sorry and figured it’d be best to ask people directly just in case i’m wrong about something.

It means that yes.

Please, make millions. And come back to get a hosting plan maybe, because it’s much more convenient ;-p

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Awesome, thanks so much! I currently use Weebly and am on the fence as to if I should either make code here and export it to there (since i’m already running a plan with them), or both make my site & host with Webflow,

Though I digress, thanks for the help!

Can you even import a site into Weebly? I didn’t know that was possible.

Definitely. Webflow hosting handles all the setting up and maintenance for you. Set it up once and just publish changes to your custom domain. Can’t get any simpler than that.

Yeah, they have a CSS & HTML editor, but their site creator is really bad compared to other free sites such as Webflow