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Question on Adobe fonts, moving from Squarespace

Hi everyone, coming from Squarespace area, I’m just wondering, is there any built-in Adobe fonts that I can use in Webflow?

And if not, do I have to subscribe to an Adobe plan?

One of the things I enjoy about Squarespace is that they include some Adobe fonts, which is super helpful for me because I don’t have an Adobe account. I use Affinity products to design.

Just wondering because there’s like 2 Adobe fonts that I always use and would just want to avoid signing up to Adobe unless it’s required.



The only way to subscribe to Adobe Font is to subscribe to Adobe CC (the complete plan). You can test with a trial, and acess a limited list of fonts (the basic library, but I fail to find more details on it).

Webflow embeds all Google Fonts. While it’s not Adobe Fonts, it’s a growing list of very nice fonts too.

Which ones?

Thanks Vincent for the help!

The two fonts I like are Proxima Nova and Futura.

I thought this was a pretty good list of some timeless, classic fonts to stick to, which I believe is mostly Adobe fonts

I’m pretty sure there’s still an adobe fonts subscription option. It’s $50 a year or something, I’m in Europe so we do have different/less options here, maybe this isn’t around in the US anymore?

I understand, those are two magnificient typefaces. I stopped using Proxima Nova after long years, it’s been my favorite for the longest time. Proxima Nova has a lot of fonts, and if you’re using just a portion of them, it’s maybe worth buying it. I purchased 6 of them a long time ago, never regret it. They score at 25 per font on

Futura is another incredible Typeface. The first I frantically used in the 90s, and I’m back to it for like 3 years now (thank you Wes Anderson). And for Futura I’m glad I’m on the Adobe Ecosystem. I had bought a few Futura fonts in the 2000s but they weren’t the ones I use today and they weren’t adapted for web use.

I asked because I wanted to provide similar typefaces available on Google Fonts, but PM and Futura are so characteristic that it’s not so easy.

If you are in love with those typefaces and use them so much, and don’t plan to be an Adobe CC subscriber, I recommend you to invest on them. Buy 4 fonts of each each year, and year after year…

Sorry not to be able to provide a better answer :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no. Going from Typekit to Adobe Fonts, the offer has lost all its complexity, and the only entry point is a subscription to the full CC. It’s possible that previous Typekit subscribers are grandfathered on their old plans though.

ah, okay, hadn’t looked at their new plans yet. Might be a US/EU thing as well

Their offer is consistent accross all zones. If you havent looked at the details, they lifted all limitations. It means no more caping for syncing, no hit limitation whatsoever, no more “web font only” limitation (all the fonts are synced back on desktop, no more “100 fonts only” on desktop)… They also added thousands of fonts (3000+ on day one) and also they list a ton of fonts from other foundries. They also have upped their game in term of editorial, with great articles and curated collections.

I just read a Techncrunch article which states that you have access to Adobe Font with all CC plans, including the cheap and popular Photography plan. But that info is nowhere to be found on Adobe’s sites. @MikeMiello that coul be your most affordable way in, but I’d be giving them a call to make sure of that.

Brilliant font collections:

ah, okay, I’ve got the photoshop plan, that’s why I assumed it was different between countries. I logged in to my adobe/typekit/font account and I could add and change fonts so I’m assuming fonts are included with the photoshop plan too.

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@sarahfrison - This is correct. You only need a minimal plan.

The Complete Library of fonts for web and desktop use is included with:

  • A paid monthly or annual Creative Cloud All Apps subscription
  • Any single-application Creative Cloud subscription
  • Each full seat of a Creative Cloud team subscription
  • The Creative Cloud Photography Plan
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oh thanks for the heads up! That’s good to know!

thanks for the help @vincent! I was thinking the subscription photography plan could be a good option, but I recently heard (not sure if rumor) that Adobe is going to require end-clients to have a subscription in order to use fonts. Here’s the link That would not be fun having to navigate clients through purchasing something.

Just curious if you don’t mind me asking, do you have a particular Google Font fav?

That’s great news, they should advertise this more!

If you’re hosting your clients on your webflow account, you are the final client.

Hmm, favorite fonts on Google fonts… Fjalla one, Montserrat, Rubik, Source Sans Pro, Pt Serif, Merryweather.

Most of the time I’m using fonts from Google and Adobe. Not all the time though. For the Webflow project I’m working on, I purchased Nexa Slab. I like it so much I’m also using it for my current personal Webflow projects.

I’d vouch for recently introduced ibm series of fonts. They are crisp as hell!

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good to know, thanks!

And that’s a sweet font. And that mock up with the mountains…man, need to head to ski slopes!

oh yea! I read about that and saw Very cool breakdown of the font

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