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Question: Do you think Google Analytics is hard to use?

I have a few questions I would love answered from anyone who has insight.

  1. What do you think of Google Analytics?
  2. Why use Google Analytics?
  3. Are there alternatives to GA that work better with Webflow?
  4. What are you using Google Analytics for?

I know that everyone uses Google Analytics but I am having a hard time using it with Webflow. Actually, I’ve had a hard time using Google Analytics for years. In my opinion, it is pretty outdated and requires you to take a course to figure out. I’ve used a tool called Amplitude before that I really like but can’t figure out how to get that to work within Webflow (no onclick support, though I heard there is a workaround for that).

For some perspective, I am mostly wanting to use analytics to track a conversion funnel. This is for all types of business (Saas, services, real products) for sites I’ve built in Webflow.

It feels like there must be a better way or I must just be missing something.