Is Webflow's Google Analytics integration especially slow?

I’m working on better optimizing my website for Core Web Vitals (don’t even get me started on how behind-the-times Webflow is on this) and I’m noticing a larger Transfer Size for Google Analytics than I would expect.

I have my Google Analytics ID set up through the Apps & Integrations page of the Webflow Settings.

(Not my real number lol)

I know Google Analytics is notoriously big and slow anyway — but from my CWV report it looks like the way Webflow is handling it might, somehow, be bigger and slower. (Are they separately running GA4 and UA still?)

(I know it says Google Tag Manager. But I’m 90% sure it’s Webflow’s Google Analytics integration. I removed my Measurement ID from Settings, saved, and re-published… then checked again, and both Google Tag Manager items were gone.)

Has anybody tested integrating Google Analytics in any other ways? Maybe just via a script in the Head? Anybody found success speeding this up a bit in other ways?

Thanks so much!

I would use something like Matomo or an equivalent because site speed is important for user experience.

With GA4, while data is huge for SEO optimisation plus much more, poor user experience means less users in the longterm and less returning users more importantly and counteracts the point of having the best stats with less users. That’s my opinion.

I need to use Google Analytics because it’s, unfortunately, a requirement for our ad partner. So I need to find the most efficient way to include it on my site.

But I do love using Clicky on top of GA. (Clicky has virtually zero impact on page speed.) I’ve heard great things about Matomo, too.

If you want to measure the impact of different methods of implementing GA4 then test each in dev tools using lighthouse or by using page speed insights. There is no magic here.