Question about the relationship between templates, projects and hosting

Apologies in advance for my noobness and not having a read-only link. Im trying to determine if Webflow is the best fit for our team and projects before diving into a project.

Here’s what I would like help understanding:

I have the task of figuring out a website for a multifaceted business. The website is to have a section for realtors to post listings and exchange with potential clients, a section for software developer jobs to be posted and developers hired (a la upwork), an education portal, etc. The intention is to work from pre-bought templates that are already set up for these purposes, style them cohesively and join them all together with a uinfying homepage.

Are each of the multiple pre-bought templates a new project or can multiple templates be included in the same projects?
If 1 template corresponds to one project, can separate projects be linked to the same website?
How does this impact cost?
Is there a better way to do this?

Webflow seems great and im happy that the community is so robust. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.